A Poem The Day After The Nashville School Shooting

  • Tuesday, March 28, 2023
 I would lay down my life for you
But I shouldn’t have to

I would spread my arms wide
Make myself big
So you could hide behind
And be small
But I shouldn’t have to

I would cover the windows
Lock the only door
Stack up the furniture 
From ceiling to floor
But I shouldn’t have to

We would talk very quickly
Decide what to do
Evacuate or barricade?
But we shouldn’t have to

We would run with hands up
To show we’re no threat
But we shouldn’t have to

I know what to do
In my own little room
How to hide so no one is seen
But why do I have to?

So I will spread my arms wide
Hold you all close
Let you know you are loved
You are seen
You are mine
Because for me and for you
I have to

Katie Groves Maciulewicz
High School English teacher:

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