Lookout Valley Honors Community Legends

  • Monday, May 1, 2023
  • Danny Webb

Ahead of the Yellowjackets’ matchup with Silverdale on Monday, the Lookout Valley family gathered to honor two cornerstones of their community.

Prior to the picturesque afternoon’s first pitch, both teams lined up on the foul line while attendees shared a special moment together as the team announced the dedication of the newly
named Jean Dinger concession stand.

Jean Dinger passed away on April 13, but the 1998 MLB Amateur Baseball Woman of the Year built a legacy that will continue to have an immense impact on Lookout Valley, Chattanooga. An
avid baseball fan and a staple in the history of Yellowjacket baseball, Dinger was a founding
member of the Lookout Valley Recreation Association and ran the baseball concession stand
while serving as the treasurer of the LV Dugout Club from 1995 through 2011. On Monday, her
years of service gave her an everlasting memorial at the field where she spent countless
afternoons supporting the Yellowjackets and touching the lives of those who crossed her path.

“We started thinking about all of the things that she did and all of the years of service she put
in,” said Lookout Valley head coach Joshua Payne. “All of the things that she did to help build
this program are just outstanding,” said Payne.

Jean Dinger’s son was the head coach of the Yellowjackets for many of the years that she served and supported.

“It means a whole lot… a great deal,” said Jean’s husband Rodger. “We put a lot of time, effort,
and money into this thing, so it’s good to see that it’s still good,” he added. Rodger spent the
afternoon accompanied by friends and family who smiled and embraced as they remembered

As game time approached, honor and appreciation shifted to Andy “Horse” Creswell who was
invited to throw out a ceremonial first pitch. In October of 2022, Creswell was left paralyzed
from the chest down following a heart complication that caused loss of blood flow to his kidneys
and, eventually, a stroke.

Creswell graduated from Lookout Valley where he played baseball and football from 1995
through 1998 before playing baseball at Chattanooga State. Creswell was a menace to opposing pitchers, blasting 29 career home runs, amassing 161 RBIs, and batting above .400 in the 1996

Though his remarkable career numbers prove him to have been a dominant hitter, Horse looked
comfortable and confident on his first pitch. Seated on a motorized wheelchair, Horse fired a
nasty offspeed pitch that ran just off the edge of the plate with all the makings of a swinging

“It was a changeup low and away on purpose and he went down swinging,” laughed Creswell.
“It felt pretty good. I wanted a full inning but they just gave me the one pitch,” he added.

All of the proceeds from ticket sales were donated to Creswell’s ongoing medical expenses, and
much like the Dinger family, Horse was surrounded by friends and loved ones at a venue where
his name has long been cemented in legendary status. The nasty changeup will only add to
Horse’s lore in Yellowjacket country.

“It was awesome to be here on a night like tonight,” said Creswell. “I love it here and I’ll always
come back and support. Always,” he added.

Reminiscing over loving memories of Jean Dinger and creating new ones with Andy Cresman
made Monday night at Lookout Valley a special one for everyone in attendance.

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