Play Your Best, Win Or Lose

  • Tuesday, May 23, 2023

To Our Softball Girls of Chattanooga,

State tournament time for our high schools in Tennessee is here. Chattanooga has been blessed to have young women in all levels who are exceptional players. These girls have shared teams since many of them were five years old.  Playing the game as friends and rooting for one another, even when playing against each other.  

I’ll be cheering for you all.  It’s hard for some to do. Some say it’s not natural to do that, but it is. We don’t want anyone to get hurt, we want it all to be fair and for all to show good sportsmanship.

Yes, I want my granddaughters to win, but I also want them to hold their heads up high and play their best game, win or lose.  You see, all these girls have won and lost games. They’ve all been the champions.

I’ve watched at least one girl from each of the Chattanooga teams play since they began this adventure, even watched some of their mothers play. So girls, do your best, you're representatives of the best of the best of Tennessee.  You will still be champions no matter what the scoreboard says. We will all still love you.

Rebecca S. Actkinson

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