City Should Prioritize Pops On The River

  • Wednesday, June 7, 2023

I just read that Pops on the River has been cancelled this year in favor of a more eco-friendly and smaller daytime event in Miller Park that can accommodate a few hundred people at best.

The city of Chattanooga can spend over $74,000 to clean up a homeless camp under Veteran's Bridge, and they can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on new woke departments, but they can only afford to chip in $49,000 for the long-running and marquee Fourth of July celebration in our area.

I've been attending this event since it was Pops in the Park, and it was a highlight for our area. Tens of thousands of people bringing their families to picnic and enjoy the symphony with fireworks and celebrate our nation together in the heart of our city along our waterfront should be a priority for the city and local business sponsors.

Chattanooga is also planning on cutting its funding for a Fourth of July event next year in half in order to fund a Juneteenth celebration. Mayor Kelly does not prioritize the celebration of the United States of America, which should celebrate all Americans and our history. This is a travesty.

I guess our family will be going to Collegedale's celebration this year, which is the largest in Hamilton County. Their mayor describes their city as patriotic and prioritizes celebrating America and puts the money where his mouth is.

Ed Fickley

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