McCallie Defeats Signal Mountain In Middle Shool Tennis

  • Tuesday, September 19, 2023
  • Staff Report

The Blue Tornado, playing on their home court, swept the doubles and won four out of six singles to defeat the Signal Mountain Eagles 7-2 in middle school tennis.  Winning in singles and doubles were Sam Harris, Wylie Shumate, Campbell Naggar and AJ Gupta.  Rhys Coleman and Ayan Chakraborty won in doubles.  McCallie is now 5-2.

Calvin Caputo, Stone Caputo, Findely Beasley, Tarek Ankar-Burdette, Aaron Vincent, Whit Higney and Porter O’Shaughnessy won in both singles and doubles, and the McCallie B team defeated the Signal Mountain B team 12-1.  Hayes Naggar in doubles and Nicolas Parker in singles also were victorious.

The individual results of the match were as follows:

McCallie 7  Signal Mountain 2


  1.   Sam Harris (M) defeated Micah Morris (SM) 8-2

  2.   Wylie Shumate (M) defeated Mac Ramsey (SM) 8-1

  3.   Campbell Naggar (M) defeated Mason Cruise (SM) 8-2

  4.    Rhys Coleman (M) lost to Joseph Bastone (SM) 8-6

  5.    Ayan Chakraborty (M) lost to Simon Snellgrove (SM) 9-7

  6.    AJ Gupta (M) defeated Jude McGuire (SM) 8-6


  1. Sam Harris-Wylie Shumate (M) defeated Morris-Bastone (SM) 8-4

  2. Campbell Naggar-Rhys Coleman (M) defeated Ramsey-Cruise (SM) 8-5

  3. Ayan Chakraborty-AJ Gupta (M)  Snellgrove-Snellgrove (SM) 8-5

McCallie B Team 12  Signal Mountain B Team 1


  1.   Calvin Caputo (M) defeated Heath Snellgrove (SM) 8-2

  2.   Stone Caputo (M) defeated Klein Boyd (SM) 8-3

  3.   Findley Beasley (M) defeated Ioan Davis (SM) 8-0

  4.   Tarek Ankar-Burdette (M) defeated A.J.

    Taylor (SM) 8-6

  5.   Aaron Vincent (M) defeated Sergio Gutierrez Espinosa (SM) 8-6

  6.   Whit Higney (M) defeated David Long (SM) 8-3

  7.   Porter O’Shaughnessy (M) defeated Sam Thombs (SM) 8-1

  8.   Hayes Naggar (M) lost to Alan Strickler (SM) 8-5

  9.   Nicolas Parker (M) defeated Jack Beckler (SM) 8-1


  1. Calvin Caputo-Stone Caputo (M) defeated Boyd-McGuire (SM) 8-5

  2. Findley Beasley-Tarek Ankar-Burdette (M) defeated Taylor-Davis (SM) 8-1

  3. Aaron Vincent-Whit Higney (M) defeated Espinosa-Thombs (SM) 8-1

  4. Porter O’Shaughnessy-Hayes Naggar (M) defeated Strickler-Beckler (SM) 8-0

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