Jerry Summers: Some New Modern Slogans For The Scenic City

  • Thursday, September 28, 2023
  • Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers

Chattanooga and surrounding areas have had several slogans and logos during its long history since its birth as a lazy river town.

Over the years it has proudly used the following terms to identify our community.

  1. “Gateway to the South”- emphasizing the importance of railroad travel during and after the Civil War (War to Suppress the Rebellion);
  2. “Dynamo of Dixie”- recognizing the heavy industry and manufacturing center that dominated the area;
  3. “Scenic City”- reflecting an effort to promote the beautiful mountains, rivers, and streams in Hamilton County- Mayor still uses term;
  4. “See Rock City”- the nationwide barn painting campaign to display the presence of the prominent natural wonder tourist attraction;
  5. “World Famous Choo Choo”- World War soldiers, foreign visitors, and American visitors accepted the invitation to enjoy the location based on the famous 1941 song in the movie “Sun Valley Serenade”;
  6. “Home of the Lookouts”- with a baseball history extending back to 1885 Joe Engel, Jackie Mitchell, Harmon Killebrew, Satchel Paige, Roy Hawes, Cal Ermer, etc. the minor league birthplace of many famous players is part of baseball history;

The rapid proposed expansion of the size of the property tax base necessitates the adoption of certain changes in prior used references to the above as forward movement is made to replace the prior slogans, logos, symbols, etc:

  1. Letter (A) is now “Gateway to I-75” in anticipation of the multi-year free flowing freeway construction projects;
  2. Letter (B) is now “Dynamo of Developers” as recognition of the 15 appointed non-political and non-profit membership of the Chattanooga Hamilton County Planning Commission headed by a developer and other affiliated citizens or allies of the construction industry;
  3. Letter (C) is now “Selective Scenic City” as a result of the questionable pollution of part of Citico Creek, Red Bank, Signal Mountain that poses potential health hazards to swimmers, kayakers, overtipped canoes, and the municipal taxpayers partially responsible for the 2012 $353 million consent decree in federal court in Chattanooga;
  4. Letter (D) is now “Can’t See Rock City” because of the planned high rise buildings in Gig City proceeding through the politically friendly boards and bodies of elected public officials (although the first two proposed tall buildings are only 25 stories the sky may be the only restriction to the height) (see Manufacturers Road dispute);
  5. Letter (E) is now known as “The Chalet at the Choo Choo” suggesting a ski resort on either Flat Top, Elder, Signal, or cash strapped Lookout Mountain to absorb the overflow from the historical venue that has put our community on the world stage;
  6. Letter (F) is now known as the “Nooga Lookouts” which suggests that we are talking about a pop/rap musical. Put a match to the 1930 landmark in order that the “Barnum of the Bushes” can rest in peace!

We are in the process of making great progress in moving forward in 2023 to eliminate the past mistakes of the past led by our new youthful leaders with their progressive ideas. It is only fitting that we adopt new appropriate slogans to reflect our present and anticipated future advancements.

(In light of the 100 percent favorable status in all of the impartial polls saluting our area an upgrade from the outdated terms of the past is suggested.)

* * *

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