Anonymous Voices Speak

  • Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The vast majority of citizens prefer not to disclose their real feelings in order to avoid any controversies and criticism.

In a democracy that is one of the advantages of having secret ballots to protect the identities of individuals who want to exercise that privilege to express their viewpoints without publicly being drawn to the limelight expressed by political figures, self appointed critics, quasi or non retired legal experts, etc.

Although its number of subscribers and circulation numbers have declined in the modern era, like all newspapers, the largest local daily has wisely created “The Rant” that allows readers to “express something on your mind” in 25 words or fewer in Sunday's paper edition in Section F.

Some messages are political, some are mean spirited, are ridiculous, and some are practical and funny. The Feb. 11, 2024 column of readers comments contain several entertaining points on timely topics such as the economy, politics, and the proposed new baseball stadium.

The new stadium project will move forward in spite of some overstated bickering between the city and county leaders. Whether it benefits only a select financial minority or the 385,000 citizens of Hamilton County, and our growing population, will be determined in the future years down the road.

Published Comment Number 1 states: “Instead of out of towners using our tax money to build themselves a stadium, let's build a wonderful park that everyone can enjoy without buying a ticket.”

Proposed Reply: “Great idea to remove and create a more aesthetic eyesore view of Choo Choo City but it's too late and probably never seriously considered.”

Published Comment Number 2 states: “Stadium property owners let the property rot for 20 years and now will profit handsomely. Would other property owners be allowed to ignore their land? Doubt it.”

Proposed Reply: “500 (CACC) petition signers can't be wrong by speaking for the other 385,000 citizens in Hamilton County.”

(Who knows there may be other valid anonymous comments ideas and suggestions if “The Rant” column would be run digitally several days a week? There might even be some new subscribers!)

Jerry Summers
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