Presidential Ranking For The Comedy Channel

  • Wednesday, February 21, 2024

If the Comedy Channel is interested, here’s something to consider. In keeping with President’s Day, “experts” just ranked US Presidents. It’s full of comedy material like, “partisanship and ideological differences did not tend to make a major overall difference in where presidents ranked” (The Hill 2/18/24). Cue the laughter sign.

In this farce, of the top five (they really struggled here), four are on Mt Rushmore. Obama (7) was ahead of JFK (10) and James Madison (11) who wrote most of the US Constitution and led the nation over the British in the War of 1812. Jimmy Carter was 22nd of 45. Did I read that right? He lost in every state except six. Reagan (16) is behind Bill Clinton (12) and then to no surprise, Trump was last.

Voter Polls have Biden upside down on every issue but “scholars“ have him at 14 and Trump last. This has all the earmarks of the disinformation letter initiated by Biden’s Sec of State Blinken to casts doubt on the Hunter Biden Laptop ( 4/20/23) before the last presidential election.

The second farce, like a spoof from Babylon Bee is from New York. As thousands of illegals with no jobs or housing pour into his state, Rep Jamal Bowman, D-NY, unveils a new “hip-hop task force to tackle racial inequity” (The Hill 2/14/24). An ex-high school principal who can’t tell a fire alarm from a door opener (Guardian 10/26/23) wants us to believe to “build a more equitable society” (Hill 2/14/24), something described as promoting violence and marginalizing women needs to be part of Congressional discussions?

Chinese officials are probably pounding their rice bowls and the mullahs of Iran are spewing their couscous in hysterical laughter, so let’s put these anecdotes on the Comedy Channel where they belong.

Ralph Miller

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