Jerry Summers: Marriage Of Politicians

  • Wednesday, June 12, 2024
  • Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers

Like the appearance of the “Red Red Robin” or the opening pitch in spring training baseball to welcome the end of the winter season, the joining together in harmony of two local politicos from the opposite ends of the political spectrum is also a joyous event and likewise a fresh start of unity.

The progressive junior senator from Hamilton, Bledsoe, Sequatchie, and Marion Counties (TG) and the conservative head of Choo Choo city (TK) have joined their hands together in holy political wedlock. (Have I said that correctly?)

On June 6, it was announced under the Breaking News section of this publication that the Volunteers State had enacted affordable housing laws that will certainly be adopted by city ordinance to benefit the vast majority of citizens rather than a small profit motivated minority.

In mutually warm exchanges of support the current chief in the Dynamo of Dixie is alleged to have publicly exclaimed that “we could not have done this without Senator TG and I want to personally thank him for his partnership.” (TK)

The mutual admiration society compliments continue with the equally warm response to said implied endorsement of his reelection campaign by the descendant of noted pioneers in the rural county of Bledsoe (and Rhea):

“I'm really appreciative of Mayor (TK) and his team for not only bringing to my attention a real problem that was impeding success, but also a comprehensive and realistic solution that would solve that problem.” (TG)

It is anticipated that the independent minded City Council will glowingly endorse the enactment of a municipal ordinance approving said legislation.

(Can the public expect that a similar statute might be presented to the Hamilton County Commission to increase the density of affordable housing in the rural parts of the community to increase the number of vehicles on the untraveled country roads?)


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