The Three P's

  • Friday, June 14, 2024
  • Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers

Readers don't let your imagination run wild- this is a family oriented publication. The topics to be discussed are Polo, Pickleball and Pillow fights.

The sport of polo is rather expensive and is normally reserved for the fortunate few whose forefathers (mothers, etc.) got involved in successful manufacturing or other business areas long ago.

One polo field is located on a private owned farm in Bradley County adjacent to Hamilton County that has provided a colorful history of contests often attended by many of the communities successful landed gentry, etc.

The polo field at the Chickamauga National Battlefield located in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia provided public entertainment during the days of the Sixth Calvary and use of the military mounts that would be stabled and participated in the contest that required excellent horse riding talent and skill with the long handled polo mallets.

The fastest growing sport in America according to several of the totally accurate rating polls (like WalletHub) is the exciting fast moving game of pickleball.

Played on reduced size tennis courts that are appealing not only to the young and vigorous athletes but also to the more mature gents and fair damsels desiring to have a safer meeting place than walking their four legged companions on the beautiful and pristine downtown areas of inner cities with low crime rates.

One recently scientific correct pickleball poll (not WalletHub) claims that the sport has reached an increase in playing popularity of 158% and the millions of new participants for the nominal cost of $49.95 to $274 for a paddle, comparable clothing ensemble prices, and substantial membership fees at the proposed exclusive Pickleball Palace section of the soon to be constructed River Front, Double A “national pastime facility.”

The sport has also collected the “best pickleball jokes of all time”, that are available on the worldwide web if you need a catchy introduction line to impress a new acquaintance on the court.

The best has been saved for the last- the 2024 World Pillow Fight championship recently was held in Rock Hill, South Carolina was recently broadcast nationwide on a sports channel both in the USA and internationally.

Armed only with feather (?) filled pillowcases the gladiators in both male and female categories valiantly fought for the $5,000 first place purse contributed by the number one competitor Dr. Pepper, behind Choo Choo City's number one best soft drink creation, Coca Cola.

In scenery reminiscent of the sorority pillow fight in the flick, “Animal House,” nine competitive contests were held.

(Joe Engel and his giveaway of a house, and spitting camels in the outfield, etc. as public promotions are long gone at the Third Street ballpark but perhaps the creative new owners of the 2026 squad might seek to be the permanent venue for the Tennessee State Pillow Fight Championships to fill the new stadium?)


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