Jerry Summers: Watergate In 2024?

  • Wednesday, June 19, 2024
  • Jerry Summers

The recent convictions of former Republican President Donald J. Trump in New York City and President Democrat Joe Biden's son Hunter in the home state of Delaware have similarities and differences from the Watergate political scandals in the 1970s involving the presidency of Richard M. Nixon.

“The Donald” faces three more trials in federal courts in Florida and Washington, DC and a state court in Georgia. Hunter Biden has pending a federal income tax evasion case set in California. In Watergate, most of the convicted defendants were from the Republican Party while in 2024, there is a cross section of both political parties duly represented in the criminal and contempt charges that have been completed, ongoing and anticipated for the future.

The most shocking revelation in the “Tricky Dick” case was when the inside informant was identified as “Deep Throat” in a seemingly inappropriate choice of identification.

Staunch Democrat defenders claim the sins of the fallen son, Hunter Biden, do not implicate the current sitting (or tripping) father in the White House.

The answer to that issue will be decided in the future following the one sided political wars ongoing in both Houses of Congress and allegedly also implicating United States Supreme Court members for inappropriate judicial misconduct.

The absence of Mrs. Trump from her husband's trial in Manhattan raise questions, but the ex president's attractive public spokesperson (AH) since around 2021 offset her lack of attendance.

The daily presence of Doctor (education degree) Jill on the front row behind her step-son, Hunter Biden, at his supposedly friendly forum of Wilmington, Delaware did not produce the intended result as the home folks on the jury only took four hours to overcome the presumption of innocence and convict the accused.

Local politicos asked a veteran trial lawyer their opinion of the legal work of the lawyers representing the Democrat or Republican actors. In a typical cynical response, he/she stated “I could have lost both a lot cheaper, and for less time.” The use of the judicial system for political purposes continues.

Jerry Summers

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