Ooltewah Swimmers Wrap Up Another Perfect Season

Tidal Waves Win 42nd Straight Meet To Conclude Regular Season

  • Monday, July 8, 2024
  • John Hunt

We all know the story about how the folks who work the hardest enjoy the greatest success most of the time.  That philosophy applies to almost anything, including summer swim league.

That certain applies to the Ooltewah Tidal Waves, who have quietly built quite a dynasty in recent summers and that success just continued on Monday night in their final home meet, a resounding 462-309 victory over the Fort Oglethorpe Sharks.

With the win, the Tidal Waves clinch first place in the Chattanooga Area Swim League’s Blue division with a perfect record of eight wins against no losses.  That also increases the Ooltewah winning streak to an amazing 42 dual meets, their last loss coming against Stuart Heights back in 2017.

And now that the regular season, they get to refocus on the 64th Annual Bill Caulkins City Meet, which will be held at Fort Oglethorpe’s Arlene Crye Municipal Pool at the Gilbert-Stephenson City Park on Friday and Saturday.

The Tidal Waves have won that meet for four straight years and are heavy favorites with Stuart Heights to do the same thing one more time.

But on an evening when seven seniors were recognized on their final meet at home, it was business as usual for the Tidal Waves as they looked like they’re in tip-top shape to defend their title.

Todd Jones is back as Ooltewah’s head coach after his son Stephen took over a year ago and he has been a part of the growth in recent years as he’s been a big part of their success for the past 11 years.

Jones has several really good assistant coaches, a group of parents who are willing to do what’s necessary to provide a winning atmosphere and a whole bunch of kids who really like being with each other and are more than ready to do the hard work that makes all of these wins possible.

Monday was another typical hot and sweltering day on the pool deck, but Jones was totally at ease while sitting in his air-conditioned office and talking about his team while the meet was still in progress.

“These kids have done well this summer as I’ve seen improvement across the board,” he began.

“It can be a hot and tiring process, but they have all had a great attitude and I greatly appreciate all the people behind the scenes who have made this possible.  We’ve developed a good system here and all seems to be running strong.

“We just need to execute the plan and do what we’ve been doing.  If we’re willing to do that, we don’t have to be concerned with the results as they will take care of themselves.  But I can feel the build as we near the city meet.  At this point, it’s all about sharpening our skills, doing what we do best and having a lot of fun in the process,” Jones added.

Hannah Valdez is in her second year leading the Sharks and she too is really excited about the upcoming city meet.  She’s also been on a pink cloud after marrying her long-time sweetheart Ross on June 30.

“We just want to swim fast and have fun.  We didn’t bring as many kids as we normally do today, but we’ve had a bunch who really stepped up and made some positive contributions,” she said during the break following the medley relays.

“Our relays have pulled us together as those kids have a lot of heart, but we’re really excited about the city meet.  We know it will be hot as usual, but we anticipate giving our best effort and seeing what happens,” Valdez added with a smile.

Keilah Holliman and Nora Pace led Ooltewah with 19 points apiece while Anna Boyd, Jed Holliman, Makayla McInnes, Dalynn Daniel, Kaci Lambeth and Shiwoo Song all followed with 17 points each.  Katelyn Holman and Sully Foster both had 19 points for Fort Oglethorpe while Foster Stevens was right behind with 18.

While Ooltewah won again on Monday, other winners included Stuart Heights, Cleveland, Dalton and Ridgeside.



19 – Katelyn Holman, Sully Foster

18 – Foster Stephens

14 – Audrey Chatfield, Colson Chappelear

13 – Yaric Lebed

12 – Wade Christopher, Jett Stevens

11 – Oliver Webb

10.5 – Claudia Weaver

10 – Rowan Hoffman.


19 – Keilah Holliman, Nora Pace

17 – Anna Boyd, Jed Holliman, Makayla McInnes, Calynn Daniel, Kaci Lambeth, Shiwoo Song

15 – Gunnar Corvin, Zack McInnes, Julia Leite, Carmyn Watkins

13 – Estella Salera

12 – Nolan Holt, Noah Holliman, Ellie Corvin

11 – Daniel Easton, Luke Combs

10 – Declan Harris, Cheyenne Carver, Ella Cooper, Addie Lawrence.


19 – Jack Brown, Jonah Ogas

18 – Keegan Carter

17 – Cassidy Gray

16.5 – Jacob Bateman

15 – Madelyn Burch

13 – Landon Travis

12 – Jocelyn Chance, Sam Rice, William Rickett, Grayson Howell, Jasmin Lawson

11 – Hudson Nimon.


19 – Scout Chapin, Sage Sillery, Lily Vicknair

17 – Joseph Myers, June Cleary, Luke Waldrep, Stephen Myers

16 – Max Shaw

15 – Maddie Orth

14 – Margaret Daniel

13 – Blaise Harris, Alice Aupperle

12 – Molly Mae Ransom, Gilly Smith

11 – Ava Shaw, Ridge Folmar, Cooper Lehman

10 – Abigail Keener, Madison Rogers.


19 – Lydia Mizutani

17 – Lola Phipps, Jillian Schuster, Jude Carpenter, James Chatard

15 – Ingrid Michael, David Davenport, Rosey Honeycutt

14 – Zach Schurr

10.5 – Everett Michael

10 – Ellie Grubbs, Carter Young.


19 – Elias Eldred

18.5 – Reed Blackmon, Joseph Scully

17 – Kevin Curley, Addie Taubert, Teddy Elliott

16 – Caroline Kate Elrod

15 – Sophie Hughes, Maddie Peterson, Nathan Jossart, Jaxon Moseley

12.5 – Lee Elliott, Asher Cory

12 – Abigail Parrish, Santiago Eldred, Carol Lynn Elliott

11.5 – Morgan Jenkins

11 – Abby Anglin, Andrew Rutledge, Seraphim McNeese

10 – Palmer Blackmon, Logan Gregory, Millie Wiseman.


19 – Frances Bohner

18 – Carson Gaither

17 – Ethan Bond, Adelaide Bond, Ari Bond

15 – Campbell Naggar, Ben Bevill

14 – Millie Elkins

13 – Caroline Cleary, Millie Sharplin

11 – William Gaither, Lily Cole.


19 – Lucy Hamilton, Charlie Schrader

17 – Jojo Manningm Delsie Shields, Elizabeth Grace Schrader

15 – Weston Hamilton, Jacob Stone, Grace Hamilton, Cora Hamilton, Eli McBryar

13 – Owen Swisher, Lizzie Jane Kinnamon

12 – Benjamin Pipes, Parth Chinnahambi, Adam Crouch

11 – Mari Auilera, Max Schimpf, Kenny Suttles

10 – Annie Davis, Zane Gibbs, Henry Gibbs.


19 – Gracelyn Dauphinais, Christian Chai

17 – Lincoln Eberle

15 – Marit Chapman, Carter Gray

13 – Davis Turner

12 – Laura Ward

11 – Ella Cuison

10 – Elle Richardson, Alaina Chapman, Fiddy Burgueno, Timothy Collier.


19 – Layla Brackett, Vincent Bash, Sophie Martinez, Sebastian Rodriguez

15 – Jazzlyn Watson, Francis Cuaresma, Avery Loftis

14 – Melissa Rios, Laney Fowler, Georgia Brackett

13 – Harper Loftis, Spencer Valencia, Natalie Edds

12 – Eli Mickelson, Cailynn Miller, Joseph Moore

11 – Favio Caceres, Jacob Moore

10 – Aurora Caceres, Connor Loftis, Kiptyn Evans.

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