Dalton Police Say Teacher Who Fired Gun At School Had Prior Bizarre Incidents

  • Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A Dalton High School teacher who fired a gun at school on Wednesday and caused an evacuation of students had two prior bizarre incidents, according to police reports.

The reports say Jesse Randal Davidson in March of 2016 came to police headquarters and said he wanted to confess to having someone killed.

In an incident in January of last year, Davidson said he was not feeling well at school. He later was found in a section of the school opposite from his room, then he was located outside "in some type of physical distress."

In the 2016 incident, police said Davidson was accompanied by his wife when he came in to give a statement. He was advised of his Miranda rights prior to speaking to a detective.

Davidson proceeded to say he began an Internet affair with a female by the name of Jacqueline Enrique. He said she was the girlfriend of his adopted son, Johnny Davidson.

He said the Internet affair only lasted a few weeks and he finally told his wife about it. He said that during this time the girl was pregnant with twins. 

Davidson said he tried to break off the affair, but the girl wanted to continue it.

He said she was abusive to the twins after they were born, and she was causing him other problems. 

Davidson said he was approached by two friends who said they "would take care of her for him." He said he agreed. He said the friends later told him they had taken care of her. He said he asked if they had scared her, and they said it "was worse than that." He said he assumed they had killed her.

Police said Davidson would not identify the two friends and was very vague about details of his story.

Police said they never were able to locate a Jacqueline Enrigue, though they checked missing persons reports as far as Floyd County.

On Jan. 25 of last year, police were advised that a staff member might be missing.

Officers were told that Davidson said he was not feeling well and was going to leave for the remainder of the day. However, he could not be located inside the school. Then he was found in the far east hallway by other staff members. Police said it was unusual for him to be there because his class and department were on the other end of the school.

Later, police were told that Davidson was seen walking east on Waugh Street. Police contacted EMS and then located him sitting on a curb being held up by two staff members.

Police said Davidson was conscious and did not appear to be in any type of physical distress. An officer tried to speak with him as did staff members, "but no amount of stimulus would draw a response from Davidson."

EMS arrived and transported him to the hospital.



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