Top City Of Chattanooga Salaries 2019

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Here are top city of Chattanooga salaries:

Bean, Russell J City Judge $180,596.74
Paty, Sherry B City Judge $180,596.74
Berke, Andrew L. Mayor $172,558.00
Noblett, Phillip A. City Attorney $158,427.98
Madison, Daisy W Administrator City Finance Officer $152,090.01
Roddy, David T Police Chief $148,072.46
Hill, Corinne M. Director Library $139,616.87
Sullivan, Maura B Chief Operating Officer $139,363.11
Colby, Robert H (Bob) Director Air Pollution $131,052.03
Hyman, Philip A Jr Fire Chief $124,783.25
Sewell, Stanley L City Auditor $123,600.00
Richardson, Stacy A. Chief of Staff $120,827.13
Jennings, Lurone Sr. Administrator Youth & Family Dev $118,820.99
Bailey, John Blythe H Administrator Transportation $118,820.99
Williams, Donna C. Administrator ECD $118,820.99
Holland, Justin C Administrator Public Works $118,630.27
Messer, Derek Brent (Brent) Chief Information Officer $116,557.73
Malueg, Valerie Leanne Staff Attorney 2 $113,667.38
Tucker, Eric Leonard Police Chief of Staff $111,490.49
Bridger, John Butler Jr. Executive Director $111,124.92
Payne, William C City Engineer $111,048.23
Sammons, Anthony O. Deputy Chief Operating Officer $108,145.77
Rose, Jeffrey A Director Wastewater Systems $106,600.00
Miller, Seth R Executive Deputy Fire Chief $105,449.13
Moultrie, Beverly L. Chief Human Resources Officer $104,913.39
Smart, Brian H Manager Financial Operations $104,708.78
Jackson, Tanikia S Deputy Administrator Finance $104,550.00
Hayes, Kerry J Deputy Chief of Staff $104,537.19
Hundt, Karen Ann Director Design Center $104,184.03
Reisman, Keith J. Staff Attorney 2 $104,109.25
Forshee, Fredia Fay Budget Officer $103,032.98
Allen, Charita D Deputy Administrator Econ Dev $98,758.75
Malone, Denny L Jr Assistant City Engineer $98,470.10
Stone, Donald D Jr.

(Donald) Deputy Administrator Public Works $98,169.35
Irvin, Jason Russell Assistant Police Chief $98,111.63
McCullough, Zachary S Assistant Police Chief $98,111.63
Scruggs, Glenn A II Assistant Police Chief $98,111.63
Vaughn, Danna Leigh Assistant Police Chief $98,111.63
Beeland, Richard Joe Deputy Administrator ECD $96,387.85
Heinzer, Mark D City Transportation Engineer $96,160.31
Rennich, Karen R Deputy Director Planning $95,047.12
Jeffery, Donna L Deputy Chief Info Officer $94,543.94
Lee, Yuen Director Research and Infor $94,065.89
Colston, Ricky D Jr Director City Wide Services $91,535.70
Green, Madeline Wieczorek Director Employee Benefits $91,297.17
Foster, Melinda J Staff Attorney 1 $91,095.85
Rucker, Dallas Y Jr Director Land Development $90,560.04
McKinney, Jason Wade Deputy Administrator YFD $90,530.28
Silvenis, Brian D Assistant Director IT Operations $90,307.29
Taylor, Melissa D Director Strategic & Long Range $89,929.19
Matlock, William Wilson III Fire Marshal $89,303.13
Kitchen, Kenneth A (Ken) Manager Applications Development $89,192.39
Gober, Sandra H Manager Community Development $88,646.18
White, Simone M Finance Manager $88,065.61
Franks, Gary M Director Fleet Management $87,926.46
Hayes, Greta M Director Recreation $87,126.52
Wentz, Corey A Assistant Director Project Mngt $86,725.97
Frazier, J Alan Manager APC Engineering $85,371.16
Zurkiya, Jamileh M Accounting Manager $85,075.00
Comstock, Kevin E. (Kevin) Smart Cities Director $84,050.00
Taylor, Benjamin Gibson Director Trans Operations TRANS DE $84,050.00
Spehar, Mary Jane Assistant Director Library $83,480.56
Hector, Tyna Beatrice Deputy Chief HR Officer $82,919.12
Minkara, Mounir Yehia Manager Water Quality $82,528.92
Richmond, Christopher A Manager IT Infrastructure $82,000.00
Rogers, Troy R Public Safety Coordinator $81,843.69
Swafford, Ronald E City Court Clerk $81,550.80
Hyde, Charles E III Municipal Forester $81,017.55
Rollins, Patrick C Director Wireless Communications $80,402.20
Smith, Diedra L Programmer 2 $79,937.06
Kreischer, Barbara W Librarian Head $79,684.36
Boatwright, Richard Jason Deputy Fire Chief $78,796.88
Tate, Edward D (Eddie) Senior Engineer $78,585.71
Kinder, John T Manager Site Development $78,098.26
Moreland, Timothy Iaggi Director Open Data & Perf Mngt $78,043.35
Schmidt, Arthur Erik Director Sustainability $78,043.34
Bergdoll, James D Director Parks Maintenance $78,010.39
Bohannon, Cary M. Manager Facilities Operations $76,382.78
Sheppard, Darryl F Systems & Database Spec 2 $75,562.31
Park, Mickey A GIS Systems & Database Manager $75,527.94
Culver, Lisa Dianne Senior Auditor $75,487.64
Blevins, Marvin R Deputy Director City Wide Services $75,382.34
Anderson, Greg L (Greg) Business Systems Analyst $75,278.17
Spence, James Kenneth Waste Resources Maintenance Mana $75,233.49
Booker, Eric L Engineering Manager $74,698.63
Brooks, Eric Dailey Engineering Manager $74,693.13
Price, Maria Elizabeth Engineering Manager $74,693.13
Bryson, Harolda Gail Staff Attorney 1 $74,317.63
Robinson, Robert David Staff Attorney $74,312.50
Sapp, Cynthia K (Koren) IT Project Manager $74,301.65
Hicks, Charlotte Cunningham Deputy Director Fleet Management $73,543.75
Hawkins, Marty D Senior Engineer $73,510.58
Shults, Larry B Director Development $73,255.48
Wright-Woodward, Bonnie Marie Director Purchasing $72,932.95
Farned, Volney E III Programmer 2 $72,750.28
Hutsell, Andrew C Senior Engineer $72,441.36
Taylor, Edward N Jr Manager Golf Courses $72,122.26
Snyder, Matthew L Engineering Manager $72,042.63
Kelly, Joseph A Staff Attorney $72,000.00
DiDonato, Teresa L Budget Manager $71,750.00
Hunter, Carol A Director Operations $71,750.00
McCutcheon, Joshua A Accountant 3 $71,750.00
Ogle, Alan W. Senior Engineer $71,353.91
Lyons, John O Manager Sewer Construction $71,253.84
Anthony, Michael Gian Director Safety, Compl & Risk Mgt $70,631.21
Sullivan, Jason R Chief Administrative Officer $70,630.03
Jones, Mary K Manager Air Monitoring $70,494.46
Holloway, James O Manager APC Operations $70,323.81
Tiller, Donald C Programmer 2 $70,308.55
Maddox, Tim City Treasurer $70,212.50

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Latest Hamilton County Arrest Report

Here is the latest Hamilton County arrest report: ABERNATHY, LEROY LEE 4003 LARA LN CHATTANOOGA, 37416 Age at Arrest: 63 years old Arresting Agency: Chattanooga LEAVING SCENE OF ACCIDENT (PARKED VEHICLE) DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE IMPLIED CONSENT LAW - DRIVERS --- ALDERETE, JOE ERIC 93 PACE STREET TRENTON, 30752 Age at Arrest: 24 years old Arresting Agency: ... (click for more)

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