Beware Of Text Bank Scams

  • Tuesday, December 5, 2023

I received a text from someone purporting to be a representative of a local bank last Saturday.   The text stated that "a device had logged into my account at ----------- Bank and that I should click on the link provided to secure the account."  A link was included in the text. I was suspicious since I do not have any accounts at that particular bank. 

I went to a branch of the bank on Monday and showed the bank representative the text.  She verified that it was indeed a scam and checked their system to verify that someone had not stolen my information and opened a fraudulent account in my name (they had not).  

I called the non-emergency number at the Chattanooga Police Department.  The officer took the information and was very polite. He said he would notify his shift about it and that investigating it would be difficult since these scams may originate almost anywhere in the world. He also told me not to open the link, of course. Needless to say, I had not and deleted it after blocking the number. 

So in this season of the year, please be extra cautious about scams - apparently some people think the season of giving to others and celebrating the birth of Christ is a season of taking and stealing instead.

Tim McDonald

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