Traffic Enforcement Now, Please

  • Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Like an increasing number of Chattanoogans, I was run down by a car yesterday. I was having a pleasant day returning from the grocery store on my bicycle after completing a few errands when a car driven by an unlicensed and uninsured imbecile carelessly decided that making a U turn out of a parking space was a good idea.

This uncaring soul was attempting to cross six lanes of traffic while coming off of Lookout Street in front of the City Courthouse, at lunchtime, to travel the opposite direction on Georgia Avenue. Afterwards loudly proclaiming, “There’s no sign that says I can't.”

I have seen this behavior before here in Chattanooga and it’s killing and hurting people daily.

No, it’s not okay to make a U turn in the middle of any street. Go to the next intersection and do it there if it’s permitted, or go around the block.

The other crazy bad habit the uncaring have is parking on the wrong side of the street. This requires driving into oncoming traffic twice.

Please start writing tickets for this immediately. It’s killing and hurting us daily.

John Mathna

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