Woman Spots Camera Above Her Bed; Hears Someone In Attic In Peeping Tom Case

  • Wednesday, September 20, 2023
Tyrone D. Akridge
Tyrone D. Akridge

In a Peeping Tom case on Hickory Valley Road, a woman told police she was lying in bed when she saw a camera in the ceiling above her.

Tyrone D. Akridge, 41, wound up being arrested for stalking, observation without consent and aggravated burglary.

The woman said she had gotten her night clothes on and written in her planner when she looked up and saw a camera lens at a vent above the bed.

She said she jumped out of bed and grabbed a flashlight to get a better view "and saw it definitely was a camera looking at me."

She said she grabbed her cell phone and took two pictures of the camera.

The woman said when she got a screwdriver to remove the camera she heard some scrambling in the attic and then the camera was pulled away. The woman started screaming.

Her daughter said she was coming out of the shower when she heard her mother yell at what appeared to be someone in the attic. She said she went outside "and saw Tyrone exit his utility room in shock as if he was caught in something."

The women then called 911.

Police said they made contact with Akridge, who was described as nervous and sweating. He said he was watching TV when he heard the woman scream. He said he went to investigate. He said someone had moved his ladder from inside the storage space to outside.

Police said they could not reach the attic from the woman's side. They asked permission to try from the Akridge side, but he denied the request. He also would not allow a search for a camera.

Police were provided by the woman the cell phone photos she took of the camera.

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