What About Our Civil Liberties?

  • Monday, February 19, 2024
I was just reading an article about the woman that committed the shooting in the mega church in Houston. Evidently there was a neighbor who had been trying to have something done about this woman's bizarre behavior for four years through legal channels, to no avail. She, the neighbor, was apparently not alone, the family was aware of her mental illness and had attempted to gain custody of her child over some period of time, again to no avail. She had a mental health history documented by the Houston police, but somehow was still able to buy a gun in December. 

Reminds me of the Maine shooter just recently that people had tried to alert authorities that should have been able to do something about the situation, but did not.
Possibly in the interest of the civil liberties of the two people involved, but what about the rights of all the victims of these two people? It seems in this day and time there are more protections for criminals and crazies than law abiding innocent citizens. 

Oh, sorry, I meant to say mentally ill. I wouldn't want to offend anyone, after all, since that is about as bad as shooting someone.

Sam Lewallen
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