A 32-Year Teaching Career Comes To An End

  • Thursday, May 16, 2024
It takes incredible dedication to stick with a single career for three decades. Add to that staying with the same employer for that entire time is unheard of these days. Hamilton County Schools is set to lose such a teacher at the end of this school year.
She has dedicated her life to educating our children. Her student TCAP scores always rank as some of the highest. She has been teacher of the year for Hamilton County. She has persevered in a career where others have abandoned due to low pay, decreasing support for administration, decreasing support from parents, increased workplace safety concerns.
There is little argument that fewer people are going into teaching careers and those that are in those careers are leaving for better opportunities. Yet with all that, Tammy Johnson, has stood as a beacon of hope for our children. She has completed what few others will ever complete, a full career in teaching. Lookout Elementary School and Hamilton County are losing one of their finest. They should celebrate her career and dedication. They should be thankful for the time she has given and the lives that she has influenced over the years.

Please join us in celebrating the career and legacy that Tammy has accomplished. May the next chapter in her life be filled with wonderment and meaning. May her next chapter be rewarding and filled with well-earned happiness.

With love and utmost admiration,

Scott Tatum
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