New City Administrative Hearing Officer Working Way Through Unpermitted STVRs

  • Tuesday, May 21, 2024

New City Administrative Hearing Officer Jim Exum said he is working his way through a pile of over 270 unpermitted Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVRs).

"We're making good progress," attorney Exum told members of the City Council at a budget hearing.

Attorney Exum said most of those cited to appear before him go ahead and get in compliance with the city's STVR rules.

He said some maintain they were unaware of the requirement to get a permit and follow certain requirements.

Attorney Exum said only one of his STVR decisions has been appealed to Chancery Court. City Attorney Phil Noblett said his office is working to get that one dismissed.

The attorney said he has had to recuse himself from 13 of the cases due to conflicts involving his law firm. He said those may be heard by the other AHO, Mike Mallen, or a third AHO who may be added.

He is hearing about 15 cases a month.

Attorney Exum said when the STVRs are whittled down, he will be able to move on to hearing cases on such topics as environmental violations, litter and noise.

The AHO is able to assess fines of up to $500, while the city judge is limited to $50 fines. 

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