Mowbray Mountain Roads Need Attention

  • Monday, June 10, 2024

Mowbray Mountain is growing, as is most all of Hamilton County, and it shows by the amount of traffic I see day to day.  The mountain has its bikers, hikers, rock climbers and such. I know some do not appreciate all the new comers but I don’t mind. I am glad to see people realizing the beauty of our mountain. But with all this new traffic our roads need some loving.

Could someone address the ditches along the mountain roads? They are full of leaves which when we have a hard rain they are then washed in our roadways. Especially on Hotwater Road, going to Soddy and Daisy Mountain Road. I will say Mountain Road has been paved and it looks great but not much room for error on that road as far as the shoulders are concerned.

Also Montlake Road in the past had part of the road washed away as you reach the top of the mountain. It was repaired at that time but now seems to be sinking again as I am reminded each day my head almost hits the ceiling of my car as I drive over it.

Anyone who is in the position to help with these matters, it would be greatly appreciated.

David Turner

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