Country Club Stays Unbeaten With Win Over Fairyland

Wavemakers Dominate Short-Handed Flash To Win Easily

  • Monday, June 10, 2024
  • John Hunt

The Chattanooga Area Swim League features a summer schedule where teams face off against each other in six age groups and two relays.  It’s all but imperative for teams to have roster full of kids to be successful where there’s someone to fill every spot in every event in every age group.

The Fairyland Flash has been really successful in recent years with teams featuring well over 100 youngsters, but that’s just not the case this summer.  Their pool is being redone, so there has been no swimming there and they will not be able to host a meet at home. 

They have been practicing so far at the South Chattanooga Recreation Center, but that hasn’t been a popular replacement, so team numbers are way down with just over 50 kids on the team.

The Flash  had their first meet at the Chattanooga Golf and Country Club Monday and that lack of numbers was glaring as the Wavemakers remained unbeaten with a lopsided victory where the final score was 467-280.

The Flash have some really talented individuals who can score a lot of points, but it’s impossible to score when there aren’t kids entered.

Stan Corcoran is the Country Club coach who has been the head coach at McCallie for a long time. Caroline Bentley is the head coach for Fairyland, but also works at McCallie, so Corcoran knows more about the situation than anyone.

“Fairyland has been a really good team in the past with well over 100 kids, but they’re a little short-handed this summer and that really makes me sad,” Corcoran said while the freestyle relays were being contested near the end of Monday’s meet.

“We moved some kids around and put them in positions they normally are not in, so that was good for us being able to give some kids experience they normally would not have gotten.  I feel like we swam better as a team from our first meet as we made far fewer mistakes and had a lot less disqualifications.

“And we have some kids who were new last year who could barely swim that are scoring big points for us today and that really makes me happy, but we have a big meet in Cleveland on Thursday against the Waterdogs, so we’ll wait and see how that goes,” Corcoran smiled.

Bentley has been coaching at Fairyland for 17 years or so and she’s never faced the situation she’s currently facing.  It makes her job a whole lot harder when she has to encourage her kids in meets when they know they won’t win because of the lack of numbers.

“We need more kids more than ever, but people just aren’t excited about driving off the mountain every day to practice,” she said while the meet was still going.

“We’re small, but mighty.  We just need to keep working to improve on the things we have control over and not worry about the rest.  I felt like we swam great today in our first meet.  We still have some technical stuff to work on, but we’re having a lot of fun and that’s the main goal for us all,” she smiled.

Monna Yu, Evie Ranalli and Caroline Hatfield all maxed out with 19 points for the victorious Wavemakers while James Bentley and Dru Grant IV were next with 17 points apiece.

Luke Mixon, Margaret Stinnett and Gracie Manning all tallied 16 while Nicholas Johnson, Cooper Webb, Sloane Graham and Cate Bowman all followed with 15 points apiece.

Frances Bohner was tops for Fairyland with 19 points while Adelaide Bond had 17 and Maxwell Ball 15.

Fairyland will face the Ridgeside Dolphins in their next meet on Thursday while the Wavemakers will be on the road to face the Waterdogs.



19 -- Frances Bohner

17 -- Adelaide Bond

15 -- Maxwell Ball

13 -- Ben Bevill

12 -- Ethan Bond, Carson Gaither, Lily Cole, Millie Sharplin.


19 -- Monna Yu, Evie Ranalli, Caroline Hatfield

17 -- James Bentley, Dru Grant IV

16 -- Luke Mixon, Margaret Stinnett, Gracie Manning

15 -- Nicholas Johnson, Cooper Webb, Sloane Graham, Cate Bowman

13 -- Zoe Feher, Marvin Johnson, Wade Hampton Robinson

12 -- Hampton Tate, Chamberlain Johnson, Zeki House

11 -- Cooper Brooks

10 -- Caden Wells, Eleanor Kates, Carter Williams.


19 -- Sage Sillery, Scout Chapin, Stephen Myers

17 – Lily Vicknair, Ava Shaw, Nolan Taylor, Max Shaw

15 – Margaret Daniel, Hayden Vicknair, Felix Vicknair, Gilly Smith, Ava Gipson

14 – Maddie Orth

13 – Ridge Folmar

12 – Maliya Benford, Cade Kesler

10 – Molly Mae Ransom, Addie Cannon, Joseph Myers, Madison Rogers, Will White.


19 – Sully Foster, Foster Stevens

17 – Katelyn Holman

15 – Addison Rievley, Yaric Lebed

14 – Allie O’Donnell, Wade Christopher

13 – Asher Johnson

12 – Ari Motter

11 – Trey San Pedro, Aubree McCarthy

10 – Zeke Rawls, Colson Chappelear.


19 – Jaxon Moseley

18 – Elias Eldred

16 – Kevin Curley

14 – Abigail Parrish, Stevie Rose McDaniel

13 – Addie Taubert, Santiago Eldred, Teddy Elliott

12 – Ben Condo

11 – Reed Blackman

10 – Ian Bryant.


19 – Quinn Young, Lander Smith

17 – Kate White, Jade Skiba, Gracin Smith, Noah Keener

15 – Millie Watson

14 – Haley Clark, Eli Haupert

13.5 – Sofia Mansueto

13 – Madison Skiba, Sarah Noles, Ian Haydon

12 – Benson Wright, Blakely Martin

11 – Ashton Conibear

10 – Hudson Ross.


19 – Audrey Mayo, Noah Blake, Addilyn Mayo, Jem Robertson, James Atchley

18 – Allie West

17 – Maggie Rust, Lilah Blanchard, Benton Bilbrey, Caleb Ross

15 – Maddie Grass, Avalie Bilbrey, Luke Blake, Arya Clinebell

14 – Gage Thomas, Caleb Grass, Ben Meagher, Natalie Emerson

13 – Cohen Lowe, Adalia Ross

12 – Adli Bowlin

10 – Reid Corder, Dexter Miller.


18 – Zach Schurr

17 – Lydia Mizutani

14 –Kymiri Turner, Carter Young

12 – Lola Phipps

10 – James Chatard.


19 – Cora Hamilton, Caroline Carpenter, Charlie Schrader

17 – Lizzie Jane Kinnamon, Ryan Carpenter

15 – Jacob Stone, Owen Swisher, Weston Hamilton

13 – Jaime Manning, Jude Wilder

12 – Holly Beale, Anton Pruenster

11 – Eli McBryar, Hadley Goodlet

10 – Dani McGinley, Finley Smith, Elizabeth Grace Schrader.


19 – Gracelyn Dauphinais, Christian Chai

17 – Alice Torchick, Carter Gray, Davis Turner, Jack Cuiston

16 – Marit Chapman, Noah Torchick

15 – Alethea Allen, Asher Williams

14 – Brooklyn Shumway, Ella Cuison

12 – Caden Leano, Alaina Chapman, Laura Ward

10 – Marquette Shumway.

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