Quality Education Is Important To Patsy Hazlewood

  • Monday, June 24, 2024

Investing in a quality education is important to the continued vitality of a community. UTC is fortunate to have the support of Patsy Hazlewood. Her leadership led the way for the state to fund the new addition to the Rollins College of Business. 

As we look at what makes a community strong and vibrant, a quality education is at the top of the list. Patsy's guiding hand as the head of the Tennessee House Finance Committee ensures that students graduating from UTC will have the skills needed to fill the jobs of the future. 

Patsy Hazlewood cares about education and is a leader so Chattanooga continues as a Top 4 market in the country for college graduates. 

Joe Decosimo

Tom Decosimo

Fred Decosimo

Nick Decosimo


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