Rep. Colton Moore Joins Call For House Speaker Ralston To Step Down

  • Friday, February 22, 2019

Rep. Colton Moore, R- Ga. 1, has joined a number of Georgia House members calling for the resignation of House Speaker David Ralston.

It was charged that the attorney used his legislative position to delay court proceedings for criminal defendants he represents.

Rep. Moore sent this letter to House Speaker Ralston:

Mr. David Ralston
Speaker of the House
332 State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334
(404) 656-5020

Speaker Ralston,

Over the last two weeks, citizens of District 1 and the State of Georgia have brought your discretion and use of legislative continuance as a private-practicing lawyer to my attention.
While legislative continuance is a right all legislators have access to, your use of this right has resulted in unjust delay of violent criminal cases in our state. With more than 57 continuances in the last two years from your law firm, it is clear your public service and private business cannot function at the appropriate and prompt pace called for in your agreement with the State Bar of Georgia and their Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct.
District 1 and many citizens across our great State believe you should no longer serve as the leader of Georgia’s largest governing body. In light of this situation and these trusted opinions, I request you immediately pursue one or both of the following actions.

1. Resign as Speaker of the House

– Please accept House Resolution 328 and peacefully resign so you may promptly attend to your judiciary responsibilities and allow the victims of your clients to obtain prompt justice without further delay.

2. Withdrawal Representation from All Delayed Cases

– As called for in Rule 1.16 of the State Bar Handbook of Georgia, your representation should be terminated for all cases you have been unable to promptly serve due to your legislative continuances. These victims deserve verdicts and your service as a member in the House of Representatives should not impede the wheels of our justice system.
Your repeated and unnecessary use of these rights, your client comments on-the-record, and delays of justice in violent crimes have all but eliminated my confidence in such a person retaining their position as the third most powerful elected official in Georgia’s government.

The Citizens of Georgia and this Legislature fully expect a hearing from House Ethics Committee Chairman Randy Nix to better address the alleged violation of yours from House Rule 164.1(A)(i)(a),(b),(c).
Most importantly, may these victims and those accused have their day of justice and may this governing body have a passionate, energized leader who equally supports and attends to their duties and responsibilities in all branches of our government.


Representative Colton Moore


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