Weston Wamp Tells County Commission He Is Fully In Compliance With Their Orders

  • Friday, November 18, 2022

At a specially called County Commission meeting on Friday afternoon, County Mayor Weston Wamp said he is completely compliant with prior Commission resolutions. 

The Commission earlier had discussed taking possible legal action against the new county mayor, but will apparently hold off in light of his statement. 

The panel went over resolutions it had passed earlier in support of long time County Attorney Rheubin Taylor, who got a termination letter from the county mayor. 

Attorney Taylor had declined to leave his post, saying he was operating on a four-year contract. 

Mr. Wamp had proceeded to deny him access to the office, take away his computer and cell phone, stop his pay, and withdraw his health benefits. 

He referred to him as the former county attorney in talks with the Commission. 

At the Friday meeting, the Commission went over five resolutions it had passed in support of the county attorney and asked Mr. Wamp and his attorney if the Commission's orders had been followed. 

The panel was told that Attorney Taylor's health benefits had been restored through an order in court on a lawsuit he filed against County Mayor Wamp. 

The Commission was told that since the Commission on Wednesday put down a noon Friday deadline for action, his computer and cell phone had been returned to him and he was given access to his office. The panel was also told that County Attorney Taylor is getting a check that includes back to when his funding was halted by the county mayor. 

Commissioners then said the Wamp office was still not completely compliant because the Taylor termination letter had not been withdrawn. 

County Commissioner Warren Mackey said, "We are not playing games here." 

Commissioner Joe Graham said he was concerned that the continuation of the controversy would threaten the county's AAA bond rating. He said the bond rating agencies were well aware of the Commission-County Mayor standoff. 

The Commission then went into a private conference with Attorney John Konvalinka. After meeting with him, the commissioner returned to the meeting room and had a resolution read in which they directed the mayor to abide by prior contracts. Attorney Konvalinka is a private attorney who was hired by the Commission for advice in the Wamp-Taylor matter. 

Mr. Wamp was then asked if he was in compliance with that resolution, and he said he was. 

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