Detective Says Up To 36 Shots Were Fired In Incident In Which 14-Year-Old Was Shot

  • Monday, June 17, 2024
Allen Ray
Allen Ray

A detective testified that up to 36 shots were fired in an April 20 incident in which a 14-year-old was shot.

Prosecutor Andrew Basler said, "It is lucky that no one in the car was killed. It is lucky that no one in the community was killed. These two individuals unloaded."

General Sessions Court Judge Gary Starnes bound attempted first-degree murder and reckless endangerment charges to the Grand Jury against a pair identified as the shooters - 18-year-old Allen Ray and 19-year-old Robert Brown.

Similar charges were bound over against Dominque Collins, 36, identified as the driver of a white 2005 Toyota Camry that chased a black Challenger along Shallowford Road during morning traffic. The Challenger was driven by the 14-year-old's brother.

Detective Alvin Abbott said video showed the two vehicles pull up to the Kankus at 7900 Shallowford Road and individuals get out. Other video inside the store showed individuals apparently reacting to shots fired inside.

The detective said 24 to 25 spent shell casings were found at the store and almost a dozen more strewn along Shallowford Road in the vicinity of Mackey Branch Road.

Detective Abbott said he interviewed the 14-year-old at the hospital, but he would only say that he was at the Kankus. He said the Challenger returned to the station after the shooting and patrons are seen aiding the 14-year-old with two arm wounds. He was then taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Detective Abbott said police were eventually able to determine that the driver of the white vehicle was Collins and that Ray was also at the scene in company with Collins. He said it was learned that Collins and Ray were both tied to 2628 Andrews St. He said the white Toyota was found there. It contained a backpack that had suspected fentanyl inside.

The witness said Ray gave an interview in which he admitted using a rifle during the incident. Detective Abbott said Collins was the driver and Brown was the other gunman, brandishing a handgun. He said some of the shell casings were 9mm and others were 300 Blackout (from a rifle).

He said fingerprints from both Ray and Brown were found inside the white Toyota.

Detective Abbott said there was a completely separate investigation in which it was found that Collins and Ray had cell phone contact and their locations were near the shooting scene according to pings off cell towers from their phones.

He said one of the weapons was recovered from an address associated with Brown at 3107 Juandale Dr. He said tests showed that the gun had been used in the Shallowford Road incident.

Detective Abbott said he has tried multiple times to get the 14-year-old to cooperate with the investigation. He said, "He is worried about retaliation. That's why he's not here."

The victim's brother also was not present.



Robert Brown
Robert Brown
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