Former Assistant Police Chief Eidson Not Charged In Shooting Of Stepson On Englewood Avenue

  • Monday, September 15, 2014
Robert Camron Ingle
Robert Camron Ingle

Former Chattanooga Police Department Assistant Chief Kirk Eidson was not charged in the shooting of stepson Robert Ingle, 18, on Sunday morning in North Chattanooga.

However, Ingle was charged with domestic assault and vandalism.

In the incident shortly after 9 a.m. at 1049 Englewood Ave., Mr. Eidson said Ingle came to the house asking him to take him to their other house on the mountain. Mr. Eidson said he was getting dressed when Ingle burst into the room and demanded the key to the truck.

He said Ingle rushed him, and he backed up and asked him to leave.

Mr. Eidson said he pulled his handgun out of his pocket and had it down to his side. He said he again told the stepson to leave and that he did not want to shoot him. 

He said Ingle came toward him again with his hand over his head with a closed fist. He said they bumped and the gun went off. Ingle was struck in the right leg above the knee.

Mr. Eidson said he rendered first aid to his stepson, then went on the porch to call police and his wife, April.

He said Ingle also came on the porch, so he retreated to his truck. He said as he was backing out that Ingle threw a flower pot. He said he then left the house and called police.

A neighbor said she was sleeping when she heard yelling. She said she looked out the window and saw Ingle throw the flower pot. She said she saw a white pickup truck backing out of the driveway.

She said Ingle went back in the house and she could hear a lot of banging and yelling. 

Ingle was later treated at the hospital for his injury, then was taken to jail.
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