Signal Mountain Swimmers Now In Second Place

Green Giants Improve To 2-1 With Win Over Calhoun Thursday

  • Thursday, June 13, 2024
  • John Hunt
A Signal Mountain swimmer competes in the backstroke Thursday against Calhoun.
A Signal Mountain swimmer competes in the backstroke Thursday against Calhoun.
photo by M.A. Locke

In the not-so-distant past, the Signal Mountain Green Giants ruled the Chattanooga Area Swim League and won well more than their share of City Meet titles during that time.

The Ooltewah Tidal Waves have taken over that top spot in recent summers and appear the team to beat again, but those youngsters from Signal aren’t ready just yet to toss in the white towel and surrender.

The Green Giants won their second meet in the last two days with a 439-314 victory over the visiting Calhoun Blue Barracudas Thursday evening and are now tied with Stuart Heights at 2-1 for second place in CASL’s Blue Division.

Katherine Johnson is now the head coach for the Green Giants and she’s having the time of her life in her first year as the overall team leader. She’s a 2022 graduate of Signal Mountain and just finished her sophomore year at the University of Alabama where she’s majoring in chemistry, so it’s easy to see how much lighter her load is these days coaching young kids swimming rather than pounding the books.

“We just finished a make-up meet here last night, so our goal for today was just to come out and swim our best. I feel like that’s what we did,” she said while the butterfly events were still going on.

“We’re still trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t, but they did a great job so far tonight. It’s my job to make sure they’re having fun, but we’re also quickly getting faster as one kid knocked off 13 seconds in his 100 IM race.

“I feel really good about our team this summer as we have another strong group of more than 200 kids. Our goal is to just keep getting better and so far, that’s been the case,” she added with a smile.

Todd Ogas is in his third year leading the Blue Barracudas. His kids must feel like the low man on the totem pole as they just moved up to the Blue division after winning the Red last summer. Like so many other teams in the league, roster numbers have been a problem.

There are currently about 90 names on the Calhoun roster, but only about half showed up for Thursday’s meet, which makes winning just a bit more difficult.

“It feels really good out here now that the sun has dropped behind the trees, but our goal was to give kids a chance to try out new events and to improve on what they’ve already done,” he said while watching swimmers pass by toward the wall.

“I must admit that I’m worn out. I’m really a competitive person and want to see our kids do really well. They just want to have fun with their friends and hopefully get a little better.

“We only have about 45 kids here today, so we have more than our share of holes in our lineup, but we’re swimming some good times. They’re having fun and they’re cheering for each other, which is the main objective.

“We’re taking more than our share of lumps in this division this summer, but it all comes down to who works the hardest as they are the ones who get rewarded on meet day,” Ogas nodded.

Nissa Ruth and Morgan Duffey both maxed out with 19 points for the Green Giants while Ben Flasch, Eamon Bales and Jake Holmes added 17 points apiece.

Jonah Ogas and Annie Eickman both had 19 points to lead Calhoun while Cassidy Gray and Keegan Carter scored 17 each.

Life doesn’t get any easier for the Green Giants as they face Ooltewah twice next week, on the road Monday and back at home on Thursday. Calhoun will be at home on Monday to host Stuart Heights in their next meet.

Other winners on Thursday night included Ooltewah, Red Bank, Country Club and Fairyland.



19 – Jonah Ogas, Annie Eickman

17 – Cassidy Gray, Keegan Carter

15 – Jacob Bateman, Atticus Stephens, Jocelyn Chance, Mason Martin

14 – Miller Peak

13 – Madelyn Burch

12 – Grayson Howell

11 – Landon Travis

10 – Ashley Ramirez.


19 – Nissa Ruth, Morgan Duffey

17 – Ben Flasch, Eamon Bales, Jake Holmes

16 – Natalie Ennen

15 – Owen Isch, Mimi Hanning Dmitrievskaya, Luke Russell

13 – Mitchell Maedel, Sophie Santola, Laine Arp, Claire Williams

12 – Sydney Gordon

11 – Ella Obringer

10 – Eliza Hardin, Xander Callaghan.


19 – Addilyn Mayo, James Atchley, Ben Meagher, Audrey Mayo, Maddie Grass

18 -- Noah Blake, Caleb Ross

17 – Avalie Bilbrey, Allie West, Lilah Blanchard

16 – Benton Bilbrey

15 – Adalia Ross

13 – Luke Blake

12 – Adli Brown, Samuel Shaw, Natalie Emerson, Noah Blumenberg

11.5 – Harper Cole, Kelly Nickols

11 – Cohen Lowe

10 – Timothy Ellis, Reid Corder.


18 – Elias Eldred, Kevin Curley

16 – Teddy Elliott

15 – Addie Taubert

13 – Ashley Pesterfield

12 – Sophie Hughes

10 – Reed Blackmon, Maddie Peterson, Caroline Kate Elrod, Santiago Eldred.


19 – Ethan Bond, Millie Elkins

17 – Adelaide Bond, Frances Bohner, Ben Bevil

15 – Millie Sharplin,

14 – William Gaither, Aubrey Cole, Madison Cole

13 – Catherine Carr, Ellis McGinness

12 – Weezie Respess, Hank Wingfield, Alder Wingfield, Margaret Carr

11 – Teddy Wingfield, Hayes Naggar, Lily Cole

10 – Caroline Carr, Carson Gaither, Caroline Cleary.


19 – Charlie Schrader

17 – Ryan Carpenter, Jacob Stone

16 – Elizabeth Grace Shrader, Cora Hamilton

15 – Owen Swisher, Jude Wilder, Weston Hamilton, Mari Aguilera

12 – Jojo Manning

11 – Lizzie Jane Kinnamon, Eli McBryar.

10 – Reese Pond, Sophie Doreau.


19 -- Eliana Tabibiazar, Cate Bowman, Evie Ranalli, Nicholas Johnson, Monna Yu, Zeki House

17 -- Dru Grant IV, Gracie Manning, Lucinda Ranalli

16 -- Ryan Ellis

15 -- Zoe Feher

14 -- Miles Kirksey, Hampton Tate

13 -- Cooper Brooks, Caroline Hatfield

12 -- Margaret Stinnett

11 -- Luke Mixon, Grace Cox Farrell

10 -- Zanovah Ward, Gio Janini, Wade Hampton Robinson.


19 -- Carter Gray

18 -- Gracelyn Dauphinais

15 -- Asher Williams

14 -- Kyle Cuison

13 -- Noah Torchick, Christian Chai, Sam English

12 -- Marit Chapman, Elle Richardson

10 -- Josiah Bolt, Benjamin White, Jack Cuison, Davis Turner.


19 – Nora Pace, Makayla McInnes, Keilah Holliman

17 – Jed Holliman

15 – Kaci Lambeth, Carmyn Watkins, Cheyenne Carver

13 – Zack McInnes, Luke Combs, Anna Boyd

12 – Ella Cooper, Elijah Holliman

11 – Luke Oliver, Declan Harris, Nolan Holt

10 – Gabby Oswald, Zahyris, Garcia Ruiz, Noah Holliman.


19 – Katelyn Holman, Foster Stevens

17 – Wade Christopher, Sully Foster, Ari Motter

15 – Audrey Chatfield

14 – R.J. Partain

13 – Yaric Lebed

11 – Colson Chappelear

10 – Zeke Rawls, Oliver Webb, Asher Johnson, Jonas Taylor.

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